So recently I’ve been browsing the r/PBBG subreddit, and I came across a treasure trove of drama from a game that hasn’t even released yet. I’ve decided to write up a report about my findings for everyone to read.

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So what is it?

The topic of our post today is Paldera. Hmm, Paldera… that name sounds familiar but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Paldera is an unreleased PBBG made by Reddit user publishcoffee that claims to be the “most progressive and hi-tech web based game ever made”. But today we aren’t going to talk about the game, because we don’t know much about that just yet, instead we are going to talk about what’s going with Reddit.

So from what I’ve been able to dig up the creator and developer of Paldera has decided to enforce strict rules regarding messaging about the game outside of the official channels. An example of this is the promised banning of the user that created the unofficial Paldera subreddit, which was originally created due to strict moderation on the official Paldera subreddit.

Get to the point!

In response to these actions, people began to question why he feels he needs to do this, he simply replied to multiple inquiries that he’s only enforcing the rules for his own game and will not allow anyone to break them without punishment. He seems to believe that in doing so he will be able to protect his players somehow.

This is the response provided by publishcoffee;

I’m not interested in tightly curating content and messaging about my game, what I am interested in doing is making sure the rules are enforced and that there aren’t the problems I’ve already stated I’m trying to prevent.

While it’s all well and good that he’s enforcing the rules for his game, that’s something I like to see in game administrators - I feel the rules he’s attempting to enforce are far to harsh. They require him to prevent even talking about the game on unofficial channels, which leads me to question why he’s okay with the r/PBBG subreddit.

When accused of micromanaging he proceeded to say this;

I’m simply managing, and I feel that people are making it seem like I’m reaching when I’m actually just enforcing my own rules.

In response to both statements Reddit user Vsrap claimed the following;

Actually, you are micromanaging. You’ve stated that people won’t be allowed to have Discord servers for their own guild because you want to control what is said regarding your game.

Did I read that correctly? New section!

Private Discord’s are ban worthy?

Following the former comments, publishcoffee reinforced Vsrap’s statement by saying;

People can chat in-game for their own guilds and what not.

Unless he plans to implement voice chat with the same quality as a million dollar corporation like Hammer and Chisel did for Discord, I don’t see how his in-game chat could be a good alternative.

What’s even more alarming is the following question, how does he plan to enforce this rule? The only thing that comes to mind is banning anyone that posts a Discord invite link within private guild chats. And what does he plan to do when the major guilds from other games that already have Discords attempt to branch into Paldera?

He didn’t clearly state that though!

After having written this post, publishcoffee (or Dustin as he’s being called by some, which is also his Discord username) decided to post a clarification of his policy. Some users took this as a sign that maybe his policy does allow Discord servers, however the following quotes from a conversation between Vsrap and publishcoffee would prove otherwise.

This is Vsrap’s initial query;

Any comment on banning players who want a guild Discord server?

In response publishcoffee offered a vague response as opposed to a clear, direct statement in which Vsrap seemed to be searching for. Which given how confusing many of these answers have been, I understand his frustration.

As I’ve stated, I don’t condone unofficial communities. Players who go against the policies of Paldera will be banned. This question has already been answered multiple times.

After a little more talking publishcoffee replied the following;

I was trying to answer it in a way that was obvious. But I guess it didn’t come out that way.

In the end it seems this is the most clear of an answer we will be able to get, so we now know 100% that unofficial Paldera guild Discords will result in at least the creator getting banned. He has not yet stated if the participants of these unofficial communities will be punished.

So What Now?

Personally I don’t know what to make of this game so far, you can all form your own opinions. Just know that I’ll be including more information related to this soon (via editing this post), however I’m too tired of this to continue at the moment.

Edit: As of the time of writing this there will be no more edits.

I’m not good at writing posts like this, it was less information and more quoting left and right. Which personally I find difficult to write about, however I’ll do my best to get you all as much relevant information as I can find. Which includes the following Reddit post where I got the majority of my information. The subreddit’s moderation has seen fit to lock the comment section, and for good reason as there’s been a lot of drama within it.

Below is my mentioned source on the r/PBBG subreddit;

This is the same link, but for old Reddit scrubs;

That’s It?

Alright, that’s it for this post. I’m going to continue to write up more, so if you enjoyed it then be sure to read the next one! If you disliked it then please tell me why down in the comments, and I’ll consider your opinion.

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